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The activity was born in 1975 with a strong passion for ancient books and handicrafts that prompted the two owners to throw themselves in the niche market of restoration and bookbinding of ancient books. It is a world-wide trade, not a bookstore, nor a restorer for the truth, but an art binder because everything is born from the outside and creativity of the Master and art is at the heart of everything.

In practice, the Charta seeks out old books, possibly in bad or semi-destroyed ways, and then brings them back to life through a meticulous artisanal binding work

Everything is born of the passion for books, there is no manual on which to study the binding technique. The Master is self-taught, a bit antiquarian, a bit restorer; He loves to restore old books with ad hoc covers made by him, experimenting from time to time with new ideas and adding new materials to his creations.

With regard to times, there is no standard length for all volumes. Two phases can be mentioned: the first, which includes the study and the creation of the binding, can take months (once for a copy signed by Hemingway it took 2 years), the Second is the material realization of the binding and it lasts for about 6 hours. The favorite material for binding is leather, sometimes with the addition of metal details, always found by Venetian suppliers and craftsmen.

The Charta catalog includes no more than 300 volumes, all unique creations that are difficult to repeat. It is possible to find mostly illustrated and classic books of the 1900s, but also books related to gothic and esotericism, almost always in the original language.

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